Maori Linguist L1, On Demand


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New Zealand

We are looking for Linguists/Computational Linguists who are native speakers of Maori for flexible or full-time home-based role.

The project is an exciting and challenging opportunity to help develop world-class linguistic software.

The candidates should be familiar with linguistic tools, and language technology applications.

Location: Global


• Development: Using Lexicon Creator: create template lexicon, correct errors and add words using template. Using Wordscape formalism (symbolic language and logical operations), write or edit rules for grammar and other purposes.
• Project Management: triage, spec writing and review, project scheduling.
• Test: test template lexicon, evaluate test results, open bugs. Evaluate spec, design and implementation of grammar rules; using logical operators and symbolic language, develop patterns for testing application of the rules.
• Documentation: Using strong English language skills, linguistic and technical expertise, document tools and processes.

• Bachelor degree in Linguistics or Computational Linguistics (or higher)
• Native speaker of Maori
• High proficiency in English
• Excellent technical skills
• Linguistic skills should include morphology and syntax
• Excellent organisational skills with attention to detail
• Aptitude for computational tasks, e.g., use concordance (linguistic) tools, and run command lines, write scripts, experience with advanced use of applications such as Excel macros, etc.

Please include with your application: your CV/resume; details of any language qualifications you hold; your availability

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